Company Business Route:Trucking of east route Suifenhe /Dongning port

Transportation Routes

The truck ships the goods from warehouses Suifenhe/Dongning within China to Ussuriysk for further delivery throughout Russia, including destinations such as Ussuriysk, Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, St.Petersburg, Moscow, etc. It can be delivered all over the country

Strong Timeliness

11-15 Days


To spend the price of road transportation and enjoy the speed of air transportation

Transportation Safety

Official customs declaration at Sino-Russian ports, with 100% accurate customs declaration, We are self operated customs clearance company and provide legitimate procedure, offer a visualized mobile app for real-time shipment tracking, domestic customers can also enjoy tax refund verification

Suifenhe Fengshi Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. was established in November 2013, with a professional customs clearance team and mature transportation routes, to undertake the transportation, customs declaration and agency business of import & export goods from China to Russia. Meanwhile, Ltd. is to provide the complete import & export consultation and services, including commodity inspection, commodity certificate, customs clearance, shipping, warehousing and delivery, etc.


Datalization(Stand-alone Operating System)
Through data management, various elements of management are organized into a standardized work flow, then the staff fill in and collect the data according to the standardized processes, which can serve customers more efficiently and conveniently
Daily warehouse management: Order processing, Picking, Packaging, Shipping and other business services, the flow of goods is clear and transparent
Intelligent, Visualization, Paperless office
Mobile office or Mobile APP, Apple and Android systems can download the APP, It’s convenient to check the tracking and basic information about the goods, receiving the real-time messages from the system
According to customer demand, improve service quality and focus on humanization logistics
Smart ports and Smart borders will increase speed and efficiency to promote cross-border logistics more convenient